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In order to make our presentation effective, we need hundreds of volunteers of all ages and abilities. We'd love it if you'd sign up to participate. By helping out with Judgement House, you are helping make an impact for Christ on our community.   If you already know what you'd like to do, scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up. If not, here's a list of all of the positions we have available.



Scene Set-Up/Decorating
Volunteers with a cheerful attitude and willingness to follow directions are needed.


Prayer Team 
Prayer for participants and attendees will begin 30 days before the presentation.

Speaking/Non-Speaking Actors 
This is critical to the success of the presentation. Actors age 5 and above are needed and welcome, however children will need parental supervision to participate. Must be available for practices throughout September and October.



An audition is required. Each tour group will be guided through the drama. A guide will “set the stage” for each scene. The ability to memorize a script, talk to and be heard by a group and the ability to walk and stand for extended periods will be needed. Must be available for practices throughout September and October.







Security personnel will assist with parking and be stationed throughout the drama route. Crowd control and resolving disruptions by visitors not taking the presentation seriously may be needed. Volunteers will

need the ability to stand and walk for extended periods.


Prayer Walker 
These volunteers will walk (inconspicuously) with each group and pray for each member of the group as they move through each scene of the drama. A heart for prayer is as important here as the ability to walk and stand for extended periods.

Food Service
These volunteers prepare and sell concessions items. They also prepare food for cast members.

Encouragers speak one-on-one with individuals who have made a decision for Christ, ask questions about

the presentation or pray for a special need. 

Hospitality Team
These volunteers are stationed outside a scene to notify actors that a tour group is entering.

W.I.T. Team
Volunteers for this team will do whatever it takes to help with the production. This may include filling in an acting position, cleaning up spills, stocking restrooms, greeting, etc. If you sign up here, be ready to do anything!



volunteers will be needed to take down sets, pack all materials and move to storage. 


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